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Each of the restaurants listed on Booking All Ways websites has adopted proprietary Electronic Reservation System (“Bookingallways System”) instead of the traditional pen-and-paper reservation books. interacts with restaurants’ reservation systems to find available tables, to secure, change or cancel online reservations, and to confirm that reservations were accepted. While an individual restaurant’s table inventory is accessible to to perform these functions, other diner information that may be stored by that restaurant (for example, credit card numbers or reminders about diner preferences) is not accessible in Booking All Ways website. In some instances, a restaurant may operate its own website and collect a myriad of diner/user information directly as part of the online reservation process. In those cases, only the information passed directly to to complete the transaction is stored by the Booking All Days Website.

Information you will be asked about when using the Booking All Ways Website:

As a User, you will be asked to choose the booking date first. Then, you must select the arrival time in order to complete the reservation, same as making a reservation over the phone. In addition, you will be asked to specify the number of persons, names, mail addresses, cell phones, country codes and comments if you want. An autoreply service message will be sent to your email address pertaining with your reservation. Then the company will check its new bookings. You will receive a phone message and an email in both cases, confirming the booking or rejecting it with the specific reason.  Booking All Ways will use this email address for no other purpose unless you have consented to receive marketing communications from either or from restaurants to which you've made online reservations. Notice that you can book from restaurants websites by clicking booking all ways widget and you will get all the services same as booking from itself.

What information is accessible to restaurants:

When you make a restaurant reservation using the “Booking All Ways” website, your name, mail address and cell phone are provided to that restaurant, same way as if you were making a reservation over the phone. Your email address is provided to that restaurant for sending you any new offers and information about your reservations. will only share the information specified above with the restaurant in which you have made reservations using the Booking All Ways Website. Restaurants cannot use their bookingallways system to access information pertaining to dinneror dining histories from other restaurants, with the exception that restaurants under the same corporate ownership may share diner information between restaurant properties.

Email from BookingAllways:

Booking Allways sends automated service messages pertaining to upcoming or recent restaurant reservations, such as confirmations, reminders and rejections.

Where you have consented to receive marketing communications from, you may from time to time receive communications relating to special offers and/or dining recommendations.

Email from restaurants:

You may also consent to receive marketing communications from the restaurant at which you've made a reservation, and it is optional from the restaurant and from you. Booking All Ways plays no role in the content, frequency, timing or unsubscription process of any restaurant's marketing communications. If you would like to unsubscribe from a restaurant's marketing communications, please contact the appropriate restaurant directly.

Location data:

Booking All Ways Websites can provide helpful information based on where the restaurants are. While you are making the reservation from the website, restaurants map is found, and you can zoom on the map to know the small detailed directions for reaching your restaurant.

Social Media

You can choose to access certain third party social media web sites and services through the Booking All Ways website. When you do so, you are sharing information with those sites, and the information you share will be governed by their privacy policies. Also you can follow on the facebook page by clicking on the facebook link and share whatever you want with others. We provide you also by a twitter account to follow our news one-by-one.

Purposes of usageof your personal information:

Booking All Ways may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To secure your reservation at the wanted restaurant you've selected, by providing your name, email and contact phone number to that restaurant.
  2. To provide you with dining gift certificates and other products and services of the Booking All Ways website and the restaurants.
  3. To provide you with information about the services of
  4. To provide you with restaurant recommendations based on your dining history.
  5. For any other purposes related to those above.

Viewing your profile and changing your personal information:

Once a Registered company logs on to, that company can view its personal information stored by Booking All Ways by clicking on the "My Company" link at the top of the page. In addition to being able to view your recent reservation history, every company may also view and change the following company details and language details. Company details information are: Phone, Cell Phone (for sms), Vacation closed end, email address, website URL and Country. Language details information are: company name, zip code, city, short summary and descriptive text. Note that these information must be added several times and in different languages to be viewed by users talking different languages.

Cookies, web beacons and logging:

Log-in areas on require that your browser accept cookies. A cookie is a small amount of information that is sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Booking All Ways uses cookies to verify that you are properly signed in, to display information for your primary dining location, and to highlight your pending reservations, for example. Booking All Ways may also use cookies from time to time to measure your response to new aspects of the websites and/or emails in an effort to continually improve customer service and website usability. Please be aware that a cookie cannotspread computer viruses, retrieve any other data from your hard drive, or capture your email address.




How Booking All Ways uses your personal information:

Booking All Ways will never sell, rent, loan or otherwise distribute any of your personal information (including but not limited to your name, email address, phone number or any other identifiable information about you) to any third party without your prior expressed written consent, although will pass certain information on to restaurants at which you make reservations as described above.

How restaurants may use your personal information:

Restaurants in the Booking All Ways network primarily use diner information provided through to secure the desired reservations. Additionally, as noted above, if the user has given permission to a restaurant to send email to that user's address, the restaurant may then contact the diner with special announcements or offers.

Restaurants with Booking All Ways want to provide you with the best possible service so that you will visit them again. One way restaurants can distinguish themselves is by recognizing returning diners and recalling their special preferences. For this reason, a restaurant may use its Booking All Ways system to take note of your special requests, allergies, special occasions or other pertinent information that will help the restaurant serve you better during your next visit. This data belongs to the restaurant, since it is a product of that restaurant's relationship with you. Booking All Ways does not access or use this information, and it is not shared with any other restaurants or third party, other than, perhaps, a restaurant under the same ownership. does create back-up copies of all information stored on Booking All Ways system for that restaurant, to assist in the restoration process in the event of data loss.

The restaurants within bookingallways’s network are separate businesses from Booking All Ways. While Booking All Ways encourages them to comply with data protection requirements, Booking All Ways will not be responsible if these restaurants fail to comply with respect to your information. Any complaints or inquiries regarding use of your information by an Booking All Ways restaurant, or marketing communications from an Booking All Ways restaurant, should be addressed directly to the restaurant in question.

Restaurants within the Booking All Ways network may also have their own websites. Booking All Ways is not responsible for how these restaurants may collect your personal information through their own websites. Please contact the appropriate restaurant regarding its website's privacy policy (if applicable) and how it will access or use your personal information.

How Booking All Ways protects companies’ registration information:

Booking All Ways uses a state-of-the-art multi-layer encryption algorithm and makes its best efforts to ensure that all of your user information is secure. In addition, Booking All Ways stores all of your personal information on a secure server. Booking All Ways employs a staff that regularly maintains the security of all personal information stored, and that continually monitors and implements changes and improvements that become available in the electronic data security industry.

Changes to Bookingallways’ privacy policy:

Any changes to bookingallways’ privacy policy will always be posted to this section of the website, along with the effective date of the new policy. All users should check this privacy policy page periodically to stay abreast of any such changes. For any material changes to the privacy, we will notify you via email or by placing a prominent notice on the homepage of our website.

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User Agreement and Privacy Policy
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